The Haelan CentersĀ®, a not for profit, 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, whose mission is to support the healing and growth of clients and students through preservation of resources and facilitation of treatment, as well as education, and training toward the fullest human potential.


Vision Statement


The Haelan CentersĀ® are dedicated to the facilitation of health and wholeness through the sharing of knowledge about as well as the support for the process of accessing and utilizing the inherent ability of all persons to heal themselves. The fundamental organizing principles of The Haelan CentersĀ® include the following:

1. Service is provided according to the highest standards of professional conduct and moral/ethical behavior.

2. Service is provided in a context which is supportive and nurturing, a caring community which is created through an attitude of respect for and honoring of the rights and dignity of all participants, including both clients and staff members.

3. Staff members are the recipients of a sacred trust bestowed upon them whenever clients request assistance wtih any aspect of the healing process.

4. All who request assistance will be served with the option of flexible billing amounts based on financial income.