“The concept of Healing Words is an interesting one. What are the words that heal? What are words? One view is that words are reporting devices for our experiences. Another view is the words define our experiences for us. This publication tends toward the latter view. But, a word needs a context to be meaningful. Words are connected to other words and, in one form or another, comprise a story we tell ourselves, or stories others may tell us. In a very real sense, words or stories can heal or they can promote dis-ease. Often we believe that the words or stories we tell ourselves are our own. However, usually the words or stories we tell ourselves are those we have heard from other sources and which we internalize as our own. In our contemporary society, the words and stories we are most likely to hear are those that promote dis-ease and promote the idea that healing is a passive process that others do to us or for us. The words or stories that heal are those that promote the belief that healing is possible and that healing, to greater or lesser degrees, is something we do for and to ourselves. This does not preclude the usefulness of that which others can do to complement our self-healing. However, healing is an active verb. It requires a belief in its possibility. And so, in this edition of Healing Words, we provide words and describe services that may help you believe in the possibility of self-healing. Enjoy our vignettes, stories, and bits of wisdom in this light. What is more, Live your life in such a way that if you go crazy, people will not know the difference.” 

Written by Dr. Ray Becvar (2001)